Our Mission is to increase access to life-changing full arch dentistry.

There is a continually growing need for dental implants and full mouth dental solutions, and the dental industry is not set up to meet this need. The goal of SP Group is to give dentists the opportunity to provide life-changing full mouth implant dentistry.

Our network of dentists and team members gives our dentists the support they need to have the full arch dental practice of their dreams. SP Group facilitates a successful full arch practice from clinical support to lab training, marketing, HR, accounting, and everything in between.


We provide the best opportunity in dentistry to become a true partner in a practice, leveraging complete clinical autonomy with the strongest practice management support only Shared Practices can provide.

With the support of SPG you’ll have the chance to perform transformative dentistry on patients who will value and appreciate your expertise, without having to deal with the hassle of back-breaking Medicaid or PPO fees.

What’s more, you’ll earn equity and actively participate in the growth of our rapidly expanding group, with zero debt to your name.

Create Raving Fans

Attitude of Gratitude

Sense of Ownership

Serve Your Team

Constant improvement

Compassionate Clarity

100% dentist owned and operated with no private equity or corporate, non-clinical executives making decisions.

Clinical autonomy while getting as much support as you need.

In-house lab and lab tech in every practice, which is essential for a successful full arch practice.

Flexible schedule allows for a great work life balance. There is not a set number of days/hours required to work.

True ownership through earned equity with zero debt.

Fair and easy to understand compensation and equity structure allowing for both a financially and personally rewarding career.

Young, growing company with plenty of professional growth opportunities.


Shared Practices Group Locations May 2023
Birmingham Dentures and Implants

Birmingham, AL

Dr. Laith Matalka

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Boise Dentures and Implants

Boise, ID

Dr. Renee Summers

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Columbus Dentures and Implants

Columbus, OH

Dr. Evan Pivetz

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Chattanooga Dentures and Implants

Chattanooga, TN

Dr. Dhiren Kshatri

View Website

Denver Dentures and Implants

Denver, CO

Dr. Soren Paape

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Indiana Dentures and Implants

Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Kimia Devine

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Little Rock Dentures and Implants

Little Rock, AR

Dr. Kaleb Harp

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Louisville Dentures and Implants

Louisville, KY

Dr. Greg Brussell

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Oklahoma City Dentures and Implants

Oklahoma City, OK

Dr. Sebastian Tietze

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Omaha Dentures and Implants

Omaha, NE

Dr. Eric Adler

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Peachtree Dentures and Implants

Atlanta, GA

Dr. Tyler Tolbert

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Philadelphia Dentures and Implants

Chadds Ford, PA

Dr. Jill Eagles

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Prescott Dentures and Implants

Prescott, AZ

Dr. Logan Cornwell

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Reno Dentures and Implants

Reno, NV

Dr. Grady Gores

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Sarasota Dentures and Implants

Bradenton, FL

Dr. Jordan Vinger

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Spokane Dentures and Implants

Spokane, WA

Dr. JB Bermudez-Koch

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Valley Dentures and Implants

Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Aaron Miller

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We’re opening locations all across the country and want to be where our doctors want to be. Feel free to reccomend a location you would like to work with us in!

Cincinnati Dentures and Implants

Cincinnati, OH

Coming Soon

Cleveland Dentures and Implants

Cleveland, OH

Coming Soon

Dallas Dentures and Implants

Dallas, TX

Coming Soon

Grand Junction Dentures and Implants

Grand Junction, CO

Coming Soon

Grand Rapids Dentures and Implants

Grand Rapids, MI

Coming Soon

Idaho Falls Dentures and Implants

Idaho Falls, ID

Coming Soon

Orlando Dentures and Implants

Orlando, FL

Coming Soon

Sacramento Dentures and Implants

Sacramento, CA

Coming Soon



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Chief Growth Officer



Overcoming the Mental Hurdles of Full Arch

In this episode, Dr. Richard Low and Dr. Austin Davis talk about the pressures of high-level surgeries, perfectionism, and why Shared Practices adopted this practice model in the first place. They delve into the mental challenges that dentists face when taking on these complex cases, such as fear of failure and the pressure to deliver perfect results. Learn strategies for overcoming these hurdles, including developing a clear treatment plan, building a strong team, and maintaining a positive mindset throughout the process.


Listen now:


Implementing Full Arch in a General Practice

In this podcast episode, we meet Dr. Skyler Holcomb, a successful dentist from Macon, Georgia, who has integrated full arch dentistry into his general comprehensive dental practice. They explore the difficulties of performing implant dentistry at a high volume while balancing the demands of a general practice.

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